Cor 4 18
Advertising (October 2018)
Elisava's choir, Cor 4 18, needed a new promotion campaign to recruit new members for the 2018-2019 school year.
They asked for two large posters to place on the welcome stand, flyers and a poster to distribute around the school. The aim was to attract people who would relate to the group and be a good match with the original members.
The message they wanted to give was that they aren't only a choir, but a group of friends, a family, a way out of stress at Elisava. In the end it's an amateur group united for the joy of singing, where you do not need to be an expert.
We decided to look for a really young, close and vibrant campaign. We wanted to make it as dynamic as we possibly could, since it was directed to a design university. To do this, we proposed to make a run of 10 different posters, with diverse copys based on the group itself.
Project developed with Ana Julieta Calavia.
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