Branding & web (September 2019)
Branding & website for Leanbio Pro.
Leanbio is a market oriented CDMO that develops and manufactures biopharmaceutical products as New biological entities and Biosimilars, applying “Lean bioproduction” through tailored quality by design and ICH compliant approach in order to maximize project success, minimize time to market, costs and risks.
Based in Barcelona, at it's Parc Cientific. They requested a rebranding and a website on their already existing brand.
We take as a starting point the new paradigm in terms of brand, because brands are no longer designed to be static stamps, but to move, behave and talk on their own.
This features give every brand more possibilities in order to create a visual universe around themselves.

That's why we started looking into the three most representative points of their work and came to the concept: It’s all about connections.
    • Lean thinking & biopharmaceutical products development.
    • The essential coordination between all the departments.
    • Bounds and a commitment with the client.

And this is the scheme we took to represent this in a graphic way:
This is how we got to the brand and its way of behaving:
To visit the website click on the following picture:
Project developed with Ana Julieta Calavia.
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