Lettering for Air ink
Lettering (March 2018)
This project consists of a lettering to propose a rebranding of a Graviky Labs project, called Air ink.
Air ink is an initiative that proposes to take care of the environment by transforming the air pollution that we emit every day with our vehicles into inks for daily use, thus reducing the amount of particles that we breathe daily.
The initiative consists of applying a filter to the exhaust pipes of cars to collect polluting particles. Subsequently, these particles are transformed into ink that is distributed in different 100% refillable formats.
The proposal I made is a graphic identity based on lettering with these black inks, generating a range of packaging and a series of different claims for the RRSS campaign.
The objective of the campaign is to make the real problem of all the gases we produce and to which we ourselves are exposed more visible to the population.
Fictitious project carried out during the ELISAVA graphic design master's degree 2017-2018.
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